Stanley - Sweetheart 12-139 No. 60 1/2 Block Plane (Rating: 1)

I should have listened to the people on Amazon complaining about machining problems. I posted largely the same review on Amazon.

The sole on mine was cupped slightly front to back and side to side. The lowest point is right at the mouth. The adjustable toe is also machined so that it's about .002" below the rest of the sole. They also left several burrs on the bed that prevented the blade from sitting perfectly flat. And on the topic of the bed, I found the same problem as many other reviews I've read. One side of the bed was machined noticeably lower than the other side. In order to get even blade projection I had to push the lateral adjuster all the way to one side and skew the blade. This makes it impossible to close down the mouth when trying to take fine shavings.

Ultimately I've decided to return this plane. I could have fixed the burrs and flattened the sole, but I can't fix the bed. If I wanted to spend hours fettling a plane, I would have bought a vintage Stanley. At least with a vintage plane I would have confidence that it was machined correctly. In the end I'll probably save up a little more money to buy a Veritas.