Stanley - Fat Max 15-inch saw - #20-045 (Rating: 5)

I just received this saw, tried it out, and it cuts like a DREAM!

Easy start… cuts…. Very study blade… stays nice and straight.

Very comfortable hardwood handle with a nice rubber hand-hold. Super Nice!

One nice thing I just noticed, that I didn't think was going to be there, the Handle-to-Blade at top is 90 so you can use it to draw a straight 90 line like a T Square.

At the bottom Handle-to-Blade is 45 so one can draw a 45 like a T Square.

I love it!

It has a nice hanging hole toward the end.

They are Ultra Sharp... I do NOT see this saw being sharpened… It is a disposable saw... When it ever gets dull (I don't see how could), you just use the metal for something else and buy a NEW one!

They only cost about $15.

I included this with a few more items so I could get FREE Shipping, which was excellent USPS.

If you would like a COOL little 15" handsaw, I think you will LOVE this one!