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Spraying ... should I?

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I am a hobbiest woodworker and I'm considering purchase of an Earlex. I'm hestating because I do not have space for a dedicated spray booth. I also live on Canada's west coast where it rains 11 months of the year (at least it seems that way). Suffice it to say that spraying outdoors is pretty much impossible except perhaps in July and August. I have visions of all my hand tools and power tools in the small garage shop, covered in a fine mist of paint. Is that a legitimate concern with the Earlex and is there anything I can do to prevent it?
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Hi Jim
I have the smallest Earlex model that I bought on a whim. I have been spraying for 30 plus years with a convectional air gun so after buying this little hvlp I thought how good could it be since many of the on line folks talked about how good the more expensive Earlex model worked, I thought I messed up by buying the cheep one. After letting this little unit set on a shelf for a couple years I thought what the heck I'll give it a go. To my surprise that little unit worked great. I think it might make a difference how thick material your going to shoot but for dye it was out standing,I know the more costly model you can get different size needles that will allow you to shoot thicker material. I shot the last Morris rocker I made with it in my shop with hardly any clean up,it's just as advertised it has all most zero overspray.
I don't think they sell the model I have it was only $99 here's what it looked like
I have the same machine. It works great. and you can't beat spraying for a finish.
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