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Spray or regular polycrylic for bathroom cabinets?

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I recently sanded down my bathroom vanity (cabinets are wood, and frame is particle board), and then primed it with bulls eye 123. I let it sit for two days then painted it with semi-gloss acrylic paint. How long should I wait to apply the polycrylic and should I use the spray or the regular version, considering it dries fast and can be hard to get an even coat?
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If the paint is completely dry then you can apply the Polycrylics. Yes I would spray it.
Should I do multiple coats and sand between each coat? Or is sanding not required with the spray
I would use at least two coats ,the instructions says to put one coat on and wait two hours and I lightly sand with 600 wipe down with a damp lint free cloth and recoat. It you are not happy with what it looks like repeat the process in two hours.
Thank you for your assistance. Home depot only had 420 grit sandpaper, but I have a wood sand sponge that is very fine, so I suppose that will work. I also got lucky because the Miniwax semi-gloss polycrylic was on sale for 4.40 as opposed to 11.00.
Glad to help. Sounds like a bargain on the Polycrylic. Good luck on your cabinets
Check with auto supply stores (esp those that carry paint) for finer grit sandpaper.
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