Generic - Part 1 "Sold for Auto work but works on wood" (Rating: 2)

My wife is an air brush artist (sort of) anyway I should probably not go there. Just kidding she is pretty good for time she has been doing it. When looking for supplies which is difficult on the east cost she came upon this TCP Global site They sell from like 8 web sites they own. Moving on here. I need a spray system that I can Paint the eves of the house, Paint my Adirondack chairs that I sell, I have 8 lover doors to paint and I want to be able to spray shellac at some point. She came across this set so I figured why not? The kit comes with
1 - HVLP Primer spray gun with a 1.8 mm tip
1 - HVLP Topcoat spray gun with a 1.4 mm tip
1 - HVLP Touch up spray gun with a 1.0 mm tip
2 - 1 Liter Aluminum cups with lids
1 - 150 cc stainless steel cup with lid
1 - In-line mini moisture filter
1 - locking air pressure regulator (0 - 180 PSI)
1 - Steel spray gun holder with strainer stand
1 - Spray gun cleaner kit with spanner wrench, Hex wrench, brush's and filters
I added an extra 1.5 mm needle and my wife ordered a DVD for spraying T-Shirts
She was in a hurry so she paid for rush order which was still ground and delivery was 5 days which is not bad.
The operating pressure is 29 - 50 PSI consumption is 3.5 to 7.1 CFM
and set up for 1/4" air inlets.

The total bill with shipping from CA. to FL $137.00 and change.
So now to put it to the test…

If I did not get this part done it may not have been posted so sorry for the suspense but now after some exhaustive testing all I will have to do is post the results. That is why I gave only 1 star
More to come…...........