Joby GorillaTorch - 65 Lumen LED with Magnetic Base (Rating: 5)

Well I have to admit I have put off too long getting a light for my bandsaw. I was in Woodcraft today and they wanted almost $60.00 for a magnetic LED light for bandsaws. My wife and I were at the PXtra (store on base) today and I wondered over to the tools…and found this little guy! The great thing is that he can stick to any metal surface. I have used it on the jointer ( to see light between the fence and square..or lack there of), and of course the Bandsaw. It is great when I am free-hand-resawing (not as hard as you would think..mark a line and follow it) to shine right in front of the blade and saw-line. I was able to pick this little guy right under 20 bucks! Not a bad deal for something I will use the mess out of. Have a blessed day.