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Spindle Duplicator

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Could anyone recommend a duplicator for an older delta lathe. One with a short learning curve and not a lot of tinkering and readjustment would be preferred. Thanks
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In 1986 I had a duplicator from Delta that followed a turning or a template. It had a cutting bit and a following bit. I will see if I can look up the model number and send you a PM. There is also a vega and they are the best.I have never owned one but have helped out a friend and he had one. Vega's come in different lenghts like for full lathes and then the mini's.
Vega…...I have one mounted on the back side of one of my 36" lathes. It stays on all the time, that lathe is dedicated to multiple turning projects. Its easy to use, works well and once its set up you almost never have to fool with again. I have it mounted on the back so I can still clean up and sand the turnings by hand from the front side if need be.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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