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Spider Solitaire Winning Streak Ends

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Winning streak of 38 games ends.

Longest streak for some time…

Longest is 46…

Fun game…
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High Score for me is 1200. Winning about half of the games.
I really don't care much about the High Score… if it happens, it happens.

I get a kick out of getting as many strings ready to with only ONE move to put away…
Then, click, click, click, etc. until the WIN happens!

Only ONCE have I gotten ALL Eight ready to fire!
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Never liked spider solitaire, my longest streak was 3 games and it always seems to rely on luck too much; that makes your streak really impressive to me. My preference is freecell, my old laptop had a streak of 94% win rate after 2500 games with 219 being my longest streak. Had a number of 150ish streaks. That game is an amazing way to kill time in meetings.

It's NOT just Luck like it is the old fashioned Solitaire game.

I have a strategy and a few rules that I go by… that work 87% of the time. LOL


Never have been able to learn that game… I just spin my wheels doing nothing with that game…
... someday, I will have to try it again… I don't think this computer has it…
Joe … need to go to the shop and eat some sawdust ….. NOW
from now on you are only entitled to be on the computer if you are online with L J …. :)

have a great easter

Dennis… LOL…

I do not play it much during the day… just once in awhile to take a break... BUT, I do not Terminate the Game in the computer (Notebook) (to force an end to the Winning streak) (I Hibernate)...

It's not as bad as it looks… LOL…

Dennis, I spend more time Reading All of my Email and catching up on ALL LumberJocks Watched items that have happened overnight… LOL

Thank you… You have a nice Easter / Passover too…
My game of choice is Free Cell. My longest winning streak is around 8-9 games and I seem to be stuck at 60% for a winning percentage. On two occasions, I've managed to win without moving a card to the top cells.
I couldn't believe you could win so many in a row until I saw you play just 1 suit. I play all suits, win about 1 out of ten; much easier said than done. very fun game. I prefer freecell as well, 76 is my hi streak so far but I tend to get lazy and play too fast.
It's too much like work for me to play more than one suit…
... I start getting a headache! LOL

Sounds like you're doing good @ 50% on all suits!!
... unreal!
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