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Spectacular Wooden Staircases: show us the best you know!

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Hi LJs,

Just stumbled upon this on flickr this morning, I thought it was worth sharing and a potentially great thread starter.

This is the Lednice Castle's library staircase, an incredible gothic piece of worksmanship:

Another view, from flickr too:

Anyone knows of something spectacular to share here?

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Nice. So you have been in Lednice? It's very close to me :)
Not yet, but the wife and I both agreed that it's on our to-go list after Roma and London! :) And hey, that's great, when we'll go there we can hang out for a drink with you! :D
Incredible. I hadn't seen this one. I'll have to look around for some images of wooden things that blew my mind.

Your pic reminds me of the spiral stairway at Santa Fe's Loretto Chapel.
It did not have a hand rail originally.

You can read more here
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That one is mighty spectacular too Scott, I stumbled upon it when searching for more of that Lednice thing. Just imagine the time to build all those rail elements…
I cant find it in my initial Google search, but isn't there a story about a carpenter who shows up unannounced at some Monastery or Convent and builds this fantastic staircase with just s few hand tools?

Going by memory here, it's been several years since I saw this story.
My favorite is at Shaker Village:

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Mmmh bioutifoul!
They are spectacular indeed. So much that you can't even believe they are made from wood. Would these stairs designs allow the installation of the stairlifts? There are some fantastic designs on this stairlift dealer new york ny resource. Having to choose from so many stairs patterns and designs can really be overwhelming for the people.
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