Charles Neil - Finishing A - Z Beyond the Books : Special Finishing Techniques (Rating: 5)

Do you like quirky? (I DO!!!) Do you like unpretentious honesty? (I DO!!!) Do you like to get interesting and rock-solid insights into how an expert does his finishing? (I DO!!!)

I got this DVD for a recent birthday. I put Charles Neil DVDs on my wishlist and actually got one. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it and learned a LOT. For example, I never really knew much about grain filling techniques… and now I am looking at remnants of red oak wanting to give it a shot.

When my family member gave me the gift, I swear she was biting her nails. Let's not make any pretentions. The DVD is not sealed in plastic wrap like you would buy in a store. When you open it, you can tell it did not come off a huge production line. [Thought: did he pack this himself? Wonderful!]. The camera work is not a George Lucas production. For those who are / were familiar with SCTV, it actually reminded me of Dr. Tongue. She had previewed it and got worried - particularly with Charles' casual and off the cuff personality.

However… I love this kind of tutoring. Charles makes a few errors during the filming (I loved it when he said "don't you guys do that!!!") which would have been edited out by other productions. I appreciated seeing that because it's exactly what I would be doing. He does not edit out his working on pieces. It's valuable to me that I can see how long he sanded something to get the result he got… rather than the timeline being edited out like they would do in a cooking show. I can't wait to get the whole set. Maybe for Xmas?

I rate this a 5 star - just like TeenageWoodworker did well over a year ago in his review of the entire DVD set. I also found a former review by Mikega also is of the same opinion.

I gleaned so much new info from the DVD that I wanted to take the opportunity to share this.