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Sourcing walnut

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Here in Norway Walnut wood is almost as gold, expensive and hard to get by.
Wondering about importing some for myself and other local hoppyists.

Anyone know about suppliers who could be interested in exporting?

Thinking a total cost in thr range of 5000-10000 USD.
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The cost of walnut has about doubled where i live in the past year or so. I think it had to do with China importing it in?
Asia in general has adopted Oak, Walnut, and Cherry as favored woods. Willingness to pay high prices has them getting the goods, so we also end up paying more, or onto a boat it goes.
The trouble with just filling a crate with wood and shipping it is that there are restrictions related to the prevention of spread of forrest pests. These things can be overcome, however, by people who know the system and know how to comply with it.

You might contact West Penn Hardwoods just to see if they are interested in facilitating something like that.
I suppose any handwood dealer than imports exotic wood into USA might know the system well enough to be able to arange exports also, but you will have to know the European and Norwegian rules also.

Also, we do have companies that have "mill run" wallnut at much lower prices. (See Advantage Lumber) Two conisiderations with that is you will have much more waste - and youi are paying shipping on a lower-valued product.

Anyone know about suppliers who could be interested in exporting? - TEK73
Good luck.

There is a lot involved with overseas transportation. If you have never done this before, need to hire a broker or exporter that will process all the paperwork, arrange for customs taxes, as well as truck delivery on both ends. They will charge a percentage of the load value for their work, plus all the fees charged for trucking, sea shipping, customs, and trucking to final location.

If you need to find a lumber exporter, try the American Hardwood Export Council website:

Folks I used, or at least quoted:

A full container from US to EU costs $1600-$1900 right now, and that is just the bill for sea shipping portion. Moving a lightly loaded container via truck in/out of port can cost $1-$3 per KM.

As crazy as this sounds, you will pay about same amount shipping a full container as you will for a 1000 bdft lumber stack. So the best value in shipping lumber is always achieved buying a container load. A 20ft container can hold ~8-10k bdft. Many lumber exporters will only sell and ship half full to full container overseas, to avoid spoilage issues during shipment. So you might need to buy 4-5000 bdft in (4) ~1200bdft 4×4x8 stacks.

PS - If you want cheaper walnut, offer to split a container of walnut with your local commercial supplier.

Best Luck.
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Can't help you but as a guitar player I've seen a lot more guitars being made from walnut due to the restrictions on rosewood and mahogany. Gibson came out with a J45 studio that is made from walnut and I've liked every one that I've played. I've also seen a lot of other brands that are imported start doing the same. Give it a few years and they'll move onto another wood. Custom builders already use everything from maple to ash to cherry so eventually other woods will come in and these will filter to the back burner.
Thanks for good input.

I'm not experienced with import/export, but I have done it before so I do have some overview about whats involved.

I'll following up some of the suggestions, and then we'll se how it turns out.
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