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Source for small rare earth magnets

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I have a project to do for work and I am planning to use small 1/4" dia 1/8" thick rare earth magnets or neodymium magnets. I need a lot of them, 192 to be exact. I would appreciate any suggestions for a reasonable priced source. I am afraid rockler and woodcraft will be too expensive.
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Hello. I was thinking about joining this forum for some weeks and seeing this post spurred me to action. I've recently done a lot of research on magnet sources for a small run of projects at the workplace. You're right about Rockler being expensive. They priced out the highest of all the providers I looked at.

Lee Valley was the cheapest retailer that I could locate but I never checked the cross-border shipping rates.

K&J Magnetics is the place I recommend. At first glance it doesn't look like their prices are the cheapest but they do give lower rates for bulk sales. What's even better is that they are selling higher grades of magnets than Rockler (probably the other retailers as well). If you get their N52 line you can usually go with one size smaller magnet than the n35 grades sold elsewhere which means the overall cost is a little lower.

Check out the pull force calculator to see what grade and size will work the best for your project.
Thanks JAAune I'm going to check out this K&J place right away. I bought a couple magnets when I built my router table to hold some of the tools in place inside for storage. My problem is I throw away the pakageing and have no idea what the pull strength is on these extra magnets I have.
Compare this source. I've been very happy with them.
These might be a bit big for your use, but the price is right.

I get mine at
Harbor Freight has 1/4" dia magnets. Also Hobby Lobby has them.
Thanks for all the info, I now have a couple options to check out.
Agree on the 1/4" at Harbor Freight.

Cheap and work well,use them a lot.

Good luck!
I actually bought some of these at home depot earlier today. I got some about that size with a hole in the center so you can just screw them in place. They were less than $5 a dozen,and they had several different sizes.
Here's my source for such strange objects.

warning: there is so much fun stuff here, you may get lost in a nether world. Take heart! it's safe. And goofy.


I bought a bunch of rare earth magnets at Harbor Freight and they are cheap but good. I believe I paid about $1.50 per 10 pack…but they are 5/16" and not 1/4.
I used to buy mine at Lee Valley, but I just noticed that Woodcraft seems to have the same ones. At least they look the same.

Selection might be better at Lee Valley.
Thanks for all the info.
I ended up ordering the Harbor Freight ones.
Can't beat the prIce it was less than half the price of some suppliers.
I think I paid just $38.95 for 200 magnets including the shipping.
I received them Saturday too.
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