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Source for Bamboo Skewers?

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Hi All -

My dad and I thought I'd tackle this fun knife block that we saw online:

It's basically a homemade version of one sold at Bed Bath and Beyond that uses plastic skewers. So my question is: does anyone have any idea how we can go about getting 10 inch or larger bamboo skewers wholesale? I'm sure we'll find some eventually at a local 99 cent store, but even with this we'll need like 20 bags of 100 just to make one. If my dad wants to make a bunch, it probably behooves us to find a wholesaler. The problem is that the wholesalers I find online charge so much for shipping that it's not even remotely worth it.

Anyone have any ideas how to track down LOCAL wholesale distributors for a community (such as Seattle, where we live?). Meaning the people that supply the local 99 cent stores?

thanks for any ideas!

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I just sent you a PM with two sources.
After working in retail for 15+ years go to the local Market/Store & Talk to the Manager, he might help you out by making you a good deal. Or try the local Oriental eateries they probably order by the 1000's
You keeping it a secret?
One of the sources is They charge $0.79 per 100, if you buy 30 packs of 100 or more. I work for a large international food manufacturer and we import these as well (by the tens of millions each month). At $.0079 ea., they aren't making much. They aren't even doubling their cost, which for retail is a very low margin. They are barely making 25%. The shipping is very reasonable also.
These are awesome suggestions; honestly that online store link is and EXCELLENT resource….

Thanks again all!

Richard In Seattle
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