Grizzly - G0513X2 17" Bandsaw 2HP w/Cast Iron Trunnion (Rating: 5)

I have to smile with all of the comedians out there….but keep your day jobs….Sorry about no pics, and the skimpy review, but I've been really busy getting my boat ready for the upcoming bass tournament season, and the first warm sun makes me run to the river and check lines…

I have taken a lot of shop pictures this week, and I just completed a japanese study table made with a tree that I cut down in my backyard last year, so for all of the bandsaw enthusiasts, you'll see some pictures of the grizzly g0513×2 17" , and why a good bandsaw is so important to me. I never buy dimension lumber, I make my own. I make one of a kind items, from signs to statues and everything in between. I also refuse to make anything that has nails, or screws, I am a joint enthusiast.

Here is a nascar sign on my webpage that I carved for a very good friend.

And no, I do not do woodworking for a living, it is my hobby, after tournament bass fishing….lol

The base structure was made from 2 inch western cedar planking that was cut from a cedar log with my old bandsaw, which I hated. Like I said before, I have gone through so many bandsaws, and for the dollar, the grizzly makes me smile. I will go into some detail about the grizzly over the next month as I get time, but one mistake to not make if you purchase the grizzly, is to purchase the wheel break system at the time of purchase. The blade run time after shut down is the longest I have ever seen in any bandsaw, which creates a dangerous situation if you have anyone else in your shop with you.
And once again I'll stress, do not use the stock grizzly blades that come with the machine, they are the worst.
I've included a picture of some of my wood supply in my backyard. If anyone needs any red oak, help