Rockwell - SoniCrafter (Rating: 3)

I purchased the Rockwell sonic crafter about 2 years ago. I purchased it on-line for about $140. It came with the hard case and various cutting blades and sanding pads. I found that the machine screw that holds the blades can come loose from the vibration. You have to tighten the machine screw with an allen wrench (provided) to the point that I always worry I might strip the threads. After a few uses, my tool stopped working. It was within the warranty period so I called the 800 service number. I was given a service location which was a lawn mover sales and service store more than 20 miles away. When I took the tool in, the guy behind the desk did not know anything about servicing Rockwell tools. He called the manager who was aware they were a service center for Rockwell. After a few days I picked the tool up and was told it just had a loose wire. No other problems since.
Pros: Much less expensive than a comparible Fein MultiMaster tool
Plenty of power to cut 2×4s and similar materials
Unique cutting action allows for cuts that you could not get a saw to fit
Cons: Electrical problem after only about 3 uses
Carrying case is small, makes it difficult to fit everything inside.
Method of holding the cutting blades is not good; vibration loosens the machine screw
Metal cutting blade is easily dulled after cutting 1 nail
Wood cutting blades are not sharp; the blades burns the wood much too easily. Need to sharpen before use.
At the time I purchased the Sonic Crafter the Fein MultiMaster was selling for $400. Much too expensive for a tool that I would only use once or twice a year. But now I have seen the Fein tool at my local HomeDepot on clearance for $200. If I had to replace the Sonic Crafter I would purchase the Fein multimaster instead.