Sommerfeld - Router Table SORS (Rating: 4)

Large top and well made.

Ordered this top 2 years ago. Took a while to arrive and when it did the center section was crowned. The table comes in 3 sections of extruded aluminum that you bolt together. I email Sommerfeld and they explained this was a manufacturing issue and that a new section would be mailed. It was, 2 months later. I was told to keep the old section, was only billed for the table, no shipping for the first one or replacement section and they tossed in a well made shop arpon. The wait was no fun but I was treated well and continue to purchase from them. Customer service from this has been superb Anyway on the to the review.

The table is pretty massive at 36' by 27' with a fence of 48 by 4 3/4. The sections are anodized aluminum and bolt together. They are extruded with tongue and groove to make this easy. Once bolted together it is suggested that you mount to a 3/4 ply top which I did. The hole patterns they had in the instructions were incorrect but no big deal there.

Side rails are bolted to the top for fence installing/adjustment.

Once mounted to my cabinet I noticed one small nic in the aluminum top so I sanded that down flat so my wood items did not get marred. This removed some of the gold anodizing. Other than that everything was perfect with the top. The top is dead flat at any angle.

The router I chose was the triton 2 1/2hp. It mounted no problem. The top has a predrilled hole for the raiser that comes with the router so making above table height adjustments is very easy.

The original table came with three round inserts for the different sized bits. These were aluminum. I noticed the new table selling at Sommerfelds came with eight of these. I emailed them asking how much for the additional five. The sent me all eight for free. The new ones are plastice but they do lock into the table better than the original ones and did I mention…..they were FREE! Again, superb customer service.

The fence has a spring loaded post that you use to pivot the fence for making adjustments easy. the other end uses a large knob to tighten and losen the fence in the track. This system works great. The plastic fence inserts were not dead flat so I ran them through my planer and shaved a very small amount off the back of one of them. This corrected the problem.

Dust extraction is very good. I have a Jet dust collection system attached to the table via a somewhat cheezy ducting system and it works great.

To date I have made a complete set of kitchen cabinets with raised panel doors (actually in progess on this one but almost done as of Aug 09), laundry room cabinets, bathroom vanity and a walk in closet using this table. I have no complaints about the performance. there were only the minor issues with the table and I have come to learn that NOTHING is perfect. The cusomter service of Sommerfelds is top notch. I have purchased the table, router and bit sets from them. Will continue to buy from them. I only gave the table 4 stars because well as I said NOTHING man made is perfect.