Sommerfeld - 6-Pc Cove Cabinetmaking Set with New Patented Chip-Free Roundover Rail & Stile (Rating: 5)

Never thought I'd be ordering such an expensive router bit set as this. That was until my wife and I began talking about new kitchen cabinets. I knew kitchen designs as well as methods for building them had changed since I last built a set for mom and dad over 25 years ago. It was when I began my research on YouTube that I saw how much things had changed. I had seen raised panel doors in the big box stores and loved the look. But to tackle A job like this I would have be out quite a bit of money for a bit set, good router and table. Needless to say we bit the bullet.

I watched several of Mark Sommerfeld's videos on YouTube and soon was hooked. Now I'm a skeptic about most things. I always look at things with an open and pessimitic mind. "Could it really be as easy as he makes it seem," I thought. Well I want to tell you what I discovered about this particular set.

The bits are for 1/2" collets. Sized matched just as Mark says. For instance, use the round over stile and rails bits you only need set the height on one. The other will match perfectly. I also found the 3-1/2" raised panel bit to be matched to the same height as the rail and stile bit. The only bits where I veered from this setting was the drawer edge and door edge bits. I simply adjusted to where the door looked its best.

I did some test runs on shop cabinets (you can see them on my page). Yes I built several with raised panels. Not having experience with this method I felt before we head inside the house I needed a trial run. And now have some some nice looking shop cabinets I'll must say. After two upper cabinets and two lower, the bits are as sharp as when I started. Pulling them from the case they came in is where I have to be careful because they are extremely sharp.

Now to my concern. Our new kitchen cabinets will be of hickory. The shop cabinets were made from pine. So I kept asking myself, "how many cabinets sets before I'll be sending off for sharpening?" As everyone knows hickory is one of the hardest woods there is. But then what eased my mind was a certain cabinet maker who revealed that I could feasibly get 8-10 full sets of cabinets before having to sharpen. After I see for myself, I'll update on this later.

The two sets of Sommerfeld bits I own both came with a small, very well made, wooden boxes to store them in. The holes made to set bits in are wrapped with rubber and serves to stabilize the bits and separate them from themselves.

The kitchen cabinet set I own is the Cove version. Mark also sells this in the ogee version. The curves and grooves have been delicately planned out. The doors I made have a beautiful look to them.

If you're looking for a router bit set that stays sharp, this set does. The largest bit, the 3-1/2 raised panel bit, must be turned to a slow RPM for running. For best results I took three passes on them and wow, the doors turned out awesome looking. So don't be afraid to purchase any of Mark Sommerfeld's tools, especially this set. His quality is exceptional.