Microsoft - Internet Explorer Spell Checker (Rating: 5)

OK…Take this with as many grains of salt as you need. Here is a great little device that lives in your IE browser that lets you spell check any text in any window on a web page. It's free and easy to download and install. Once installed, you just right click and pick "check spelling" out of the menu. I have installed it on all the browsers/computers I own and I use it all the time, because I am a crappy speller. This add on works seamlessly, and is free. There are many places to download it from, you can do a search on IE spell check, or download it here, from Cnet.

To use it you just highlight the text you want to check (from one word to a whole paragraph..thats assuming you use punctuation) and right click and select check spelling. Be careful about what the replacement words are..I have been burned a few times when it replaced misspellings with words I didn't want!

Get it!