Grizzly - 18" Open End Drum Sander (Rating: 1)

This is a poorly designed sander.
You would think that if a tool weighed as much as a submarine, it would be steady worker, but the Grizzly GO458 takes a break about every 30 minutes and decides to adjust itself where it wants to be.
Seriously, it has many design problems.
The feed belt will only stay in adjustment while you are watching it. It must be a quantum physics thing. After about a half hour of sanding, when your hands and mind are fixed on keeping it from sniping your work, because there are no input/output feed tables or shelves to guide your workpiece, the feed belt, which is nothing but a large piece of sandpaper, will be ripping against the sides and adding an extra $50 to your next Grizzly parts order. So you take out your adjustment manual and tighten or loosen two small screws to provide different tension on either side. Great! The feed belt eventually goes the other way, and then you have to guess how much to reverse your adjustment to counter act your first adjustment. After spending much time instead of woodworking, the feed belt runs true, for sometimes a day. Then just when you think you have it, there it is again ripping itself up against the frame.
The table depth adjustment for setting and advancing your sanding depth with each of the many passes it takes to get anything accomplished, is not consistent at all. You may give the wheel an 1/8 of a turn, with little effect, then with the slightest movement clockwise, it is putting burning marks on top of the snipe marks from your previous passes, and destroying another expensive roll of sandpaper. Grizzly will tell you to run several passes before advancing the wheel, and that keeps the feed wheel from backing off by itself, but this does not address the sloppy, inaccurate, guess-work table operation.
It takes extreme concentration to prevent sniping, even with an in-feed and out-feed rollers. Then of course you have to keep adjusting them because the table is changing height from the ground, every time you adjust the wheel. So you have to place one hand to keep pressure and the work level going in and the other to keep it level coming out, giving it a big bear hug, and hoping you don't have any loose clothing that will suck you in and grind you up like it does your $50 feed belts. Even when you think you have avoided snipe, later as you are fine hand sanding, the snipe will appear like some evil demon, much of the time, because it is impossible to hold that work perfectly in place, make feed wheel adjustments and check your feed belt from tearing at the same time.
The stand is barely adequate for the weight of the sander, and is potentially dangerous. It holds the weight and works ok, but it is on the edge of disaster if you try to move it. When I first set up the sander, one of the legs bent as I was standing it up and that cost another $50.
Now for the bad part. After I have been in contact with Grizzly for months, and after going through the same technical support procedure for 3 times, a decision maker finally got the message back to me that they would not take the GO458 in trade for something better, until I shipped the submarine back to them and they tried to make repairs? Hello Grizzly! It has nothing to do with repairs, it is poorly designed!!!!
So now I am stuck with it. Once you are able to bring a submarine into your basement, it is not something that you casually send back to see if Grizzly can make it work, so they can decide if they want to sell you something better.
Don't waste your time! Spend the money for a real drum sander.