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Someone available in Canada for small CNC job

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Good afternoon.

I have found some CNC plans for an adirondack beach chair that I would like built (2 to 4 chairs). If there is anyone located in Montreal or Toronto, or in between, that would be interested in this small job, please let me know.

The plans can be seen at this Etsy listing:

Thank you very much for considering this request.

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I've used this guy:

He's in Ottawa and seems pretty good, but an adirondack chair might cost a fortune, I think the rate is $2/minute.
Thank you very much. I will check this lead out.
Hi, I could build it without a cnc machine. I am in the Kitchener-Waterloo area.
I agree with Woodworkerjay. I have a cnc myself, but this project would probably be easier to just make without
Hello Woodworkerjay. Thanks for the reply. Could you please contact me at your convenience at [email protected] ?
Thank you,
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