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some of my favorite lumber pieces (nothing special)

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Well, in another post I said that I would post a few pictures of what I found at home depot. nothing spectacular compared to what I see on here, but I just wanted to let you guys know that even on a limited budget, you may someday stumble on a special piece of lumber if you keep checking. Here are the pictures. I hope they are good enough. The maple is about 6.5 ft high, 3.5" wide and 3/4" thick (after surfacing)

NOTE: The only other photos here that came from HD is the very last one of the red oak.

here is a piece of birch that kept getting passed over at my local lumberyard so I took it. sorry about the photos but I have a car in the garage and didn't want to unload all the boards hopefully you can get a good idea and I'll take some more better pictures when I try to make something out of it:

this is a board that i stumbled on from a batch of air dried walnut i got from a nice guy on craigslist. I've been back a few times to pick up more, but I don't have much storage so no more purchases until i get some more stuff built. i don't know if most people will think this is cool, but to me , it looked like it had tons of knots without actually having the knots themselves (just changes in grain directions). I think it would look better with oil (or even if it was less dusty), but maybe you can get the picture:

finally, a nice quartersawn red oak board. nothing special (and this one has no ray flecks to speak of), but I impulsively bought this in case i needed nice straight grained hardwood for a jig. I'm just postign it because I took the photo.

I hope you guys enjoy. I love the lumber pics (even the plain stuff) so hopefully you guys get a chance to enjoy.
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I didnot know that lumber was that nice very good pic hope you build something nice with it enjoy
DAMN that birch…...uuugggghhhhh.

Other than a bit of cupping on those they have some nice figuring. My better half tells me I can look at lumber all day. She is probably right.

I've been trying to get a friend to share a batch of tiger so we can get a nice price. I want to get some boards to make a chest and bed I've been designing….I really like the figuring in that wood….and the tight grain….All in all I'd have to say that Birds Eye, Tiger and quilted maples are some of my favorite woods to work with.

Thanks for letting me drool a bit..
I have some bird eye maple and it is very hard to work with I hope your boards dont give you any problem make sure your tools are sharp
thanks for all the comments everyone. I guess I need to take my own advice and post pictures with my posts more often!

I think it looks more cupped than it is (I'm guessing you are talking about the birch). I think you are seeing a little bit of distortion because of how I had the camera to get a long shot of it without taking it off the rack. the little that there is will come out on the planer though.
You are probably right HM….distortion from the camera lens….hard to tell sometimes in a picture.

It's like the pics I took of my shop…makes the shelves look bowed…but in reality they are almost true to the laser level.

But GM is right about the maple tearing up tools….I change blades…kill bits …and head for the sharpening stone alot when I workiing the maple…but thats probably the reason I like working with it….its so dense that you can get precision cuts.
Very nice wood. The Home Depot here started carring some really nice ash boards a while ago. Before I could decide what to do with them, they were sold out and didnt carry ash anymore. My luck :)
I heard the maple was there because someone ordered it and didnt' want it. My guess it that they were building cabinets and saw the figure as imperfections. When you are looking for figure, its a different ballgame. If I were you, I'd keep checking. You never know what will be there down the road.
Looks like you and I have the same taste in lumber! Nice stash!!
probably similar, but if I remember right, you had some mighty impressive stuff you've posted over your time here.One thing I know we both agree on. A good deal just can't be passed up.
HokieMojo…yes, I will keep my eyes open…I have both Lowes and Home Depot very close so I just about live there. I am in and out of both so many times that I think they think I work there. I did find a nice American Chestnut board at a Rockler store once and bought it for the steamer trunk in my gallery.
Wow you can't just walk into a diy store like home depot and buy that kind of wood here looks great well done.Alistair
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