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I'm getting my pacemaker replaced the day after tomorrow, and there may be a week or so when I'm up and about again, but not supposed to move my left shoulder too much. Resting my arm on a table so I can use both hands should be fine, but I won't be swinging a hammer or lifting a sheet of plywood for a while. My current plan is to get as many small boxes to the finishing stage as I can between now and then, and then spend the down time finishing them. Unfortunately I seem to have gotten a case of evil workshop gremlins and it looks like technical difficulties are going to stop me from having more than half a dozen boxes to finish.
1. What are some heavily time-intensive finishing techniques I could practice while I don't have much else to do?
2. What sorts of things around the shop can be done safely with one hand? I'm a little wary of working with the bandsaw or the router without being able to fully use two hands to stabilize things. Sanding seems like it might work, but I'm not fond of sanding as it is and a whole week of it might well drive me mad.. What am I overlooking?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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