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Rectangle Product Material property Parallel Glass

I'm planning out some built-ins that will wrap around the walls of a study. I'm attaching an example of one place where two units meet in a corner. The counter top on the right is about 17" and on the left 13". The part that is bugging me here is how to handle the solid wood tops where they meet in the corner. Should it be a butt joint or miter? If it's a butt joint does it matter if the wider one extends all the way to the wall or the narrower one?

My thought is to attach the counter top to the base cabinets only with some elongated holes to allow for movement. The top shelves will be attached to the wall and resting on top of the counter top but not attached to it. I just don't know about the two tops meeting each other.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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