Hendrik Varju - Revelations on Table Saw Set-up & Safety (Rating: 5)

I received this DVD set courtesy of Passion for Wood and Lumberjocks. I have completed the first DVD and most of the second one. There are several in the set, for a total of nearly 10 hours of instructions on table saw safety and use. Hendrik provides clear instruction on setting up the table saw, showing how to adjust the blade, the riving knife, safely cross cutting, etc. It is great for a beginner like myself. Hendrik speaks clearly and plainly, so he is easy to understand. You can watch him demonstrate each step, from setup to cutting, during the video as he shows what to do and explains why it is important. He even demonstrates a kick back, using styrofoam.

I have another 5 or more hours of instruction to watch, and look forward to doing so as time allows. The video is excellent for first time table saw owners, although I think there is plenty in it for those who have been working with a TS for many years. As with just about anything in woodworking, it isn't cheap, but it isn't any more expensive than any other DVD set. I would highly recommend it for a woodworking club that has new members or as a gift to someone just starting out in the hobby.