Ryobi - 18V Soldering Iron (R18SOI-0) (Rating: 5)

Boy and Girls,

If you don't wield a Ryobi 18V tool in your workshop read no further as this is only a skin and is totally of bugger all use without a battery. This is my "Christmas tree" populated for the photo shoot.
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My soldering prowess sucks nearly as much as my welding… and my welding ability is only second to my number of sober days.

Needless to say, I quickly discovered that welding electrical wire was not an easy task, even with a deftly manipulated MIG welder.

I didn't own a Goldilocks soldering iron,
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One was too big, one was too small and none just right. This was exacerbated by the fact that the electric cord was more rigid than the soldering head. To make things worse there was never a power point nearby and I always had to unravel an extension cord.

In desperation I resorted to using this butane soldering iron…
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it was "remotable", easier to wield (much like a souped up hot épée), however, every time I wanted to use it, it was always out of gas, unlike me. Searched for the butane and when I tried to fill it up, more butane hit my fingers/hand than went into the tank. All you smokers (and ex) know the drill if you use(d) a refillable butane lighter.

Strolling through Bunnings, forever willing to expand my Ryobi 18V menagerie for items I don't need but can afford, I spotted their cordless soldering iron. As I have a swag of their batteries, it was a no brainer.

Took it home, fired it up, put out the flames with my extinguisher, and tried it out. I was impressed.
The cord from the "console" to the iron was quite flexible and did not impede the freedom of operation… I managed to perform an overhead and under handed solder as well as the normal in your face execution.

It comes with two heads, which I feel will cover most small soldering operations…
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though I would steer clear of soldering endcaps for roof gutters.

I did glue a magnet to the body to store the alternative head,
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to avoid that inevitable where the hell did I put it syndrome.

There is another version released (bloody well a few months after I bought mine), that has a variable temperature setting… I wasn't phased as I'm not into circuit boards and such, where temperature control might be critical. Nevertheless, if you decide to purchase and are critical about temperature, make sure you compare the other model.

Just as an FYI, I used to keep all my loose tools in this box, no longer stockpiled with Ryobi,
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and it now resides on a pull out shelf with some of my other Ryobi tools (project post to follow… one day),
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PS. I don't recommend you leave your batteries on the "Christmas tree". Over time they have a propensity to discharge… though Ryobi denies it…
They don't discharge, or at least less, if you leave them out of the charger… unless of course you bloody well use them… how archaic!

Unfortunately no video for the hard-of-reading… sorry!