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Sold Out - SawStop TSA-PFA 30-inch Premium Fence System - $144 free shippin

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Sorry, the deal is now dead….

Tool King has marked 20% off all SS accessories, making their 30" Premium Fence one of the better buys on the market these days. It's not as good as their better fence, and may not be quite as good as a T2, but I'm speculating, and it's priced better.
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That looks like a pretty GOOD SALE! :)
I just looked at the both fences on some sawstop sat woodcraft. Definitely worth it. Especially for 144$ with standard shipping.
Looks like a good sale. My mind says yes, but, my wallet says nope. :(
How much do you need Roger? I've 118 cents in my pocket I can send your way! ;-)
Don't know how it compares to a delta t2 but I just unpacked it and it's purty solid. Thought the fence tube was steel but it's aluminum. Still miles ahead of the align-a-rip fence my saw came with.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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