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sold my 14 inch jwbs14cs

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I really wanted to have 2 band saws but the shop is a 3 car garage and is pretty tight as is. So I sold the old band saw and kept the new steel frame saw Its a much nicer saw and has a boat load of cool saw features but I already miss the old saw I had cut so many projects on the old saw I loved the saw it always worked well. Now I will have to get used to all the stuff the new saw can do better than the old saw. I got 200 dollars and a brand new LN no 2 in bronze for the saw it was 10 years old so I think (I did okay what do you all think .
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I had an HF 14" band saw with the riser and I made a bigger table for it.
I used this saw all the time.
I paid $100.00 for it and I sold it for $250.00
I bought a 17" Grizzly Extreme.
Strangely enough, since I have it, I hardly ever use it.
Lance, the band saw that you sold is (except for the paint) identical to the HF which I sold.
love the little no2 for sure it's a great hand plane just got a few blades for the jwbs14sf I am gathering resaw blades for a big head to head test
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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