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SOLD - Benchcrafted Glide C Vise needs a new home

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I'm selling my brand new Benchcrafted Glide C vise. Why you ask? I can't open a couple of the drawers because they hit the handwheel (1/2" overlap - no way to adjust things). Consequently, I will be installing a Classic vise instead. My mistake is your opportunity.

Here's what you get for $200 (includes shipping - US only)

Gesture Font Parallel Elbow Auto part

Font Number

I also have a paper copy of the instructions and a tap for the flange bolt holes

What is not included: the leg vise chop, the crisscross

PM me if you are interested.



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Earl, I wish I had a bench worthy of fine tools but alas I'm still in the "under the apple tree" catagory
Not sure I agree that there is no way to adjust things. :)

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Believe me, I thought about that long and hard, but the drawer slide mounts on the drawers are also in the way.

I think the Classic will look good and might even make the circles look like a unified design instead of random round pieces of wood inset into the chop.
Build a short extension on the table to clear the drawers.
The hole that runs thru the leg is the problem. In order to move the vise, I'd need to drill a new 1-1/4" hole and then the larger hole for the acetal bushing. I just missed the 8" diameter when I was designing the cabinet. If the cabinet was 40" long rather than 41" long none of this would be a problem. I sized the cabinet using a 7-1/2" wide chop, thinking the handwheel was that size. Basically, I designed myself into a corner with no outs.
I get it in your scenario but I think I would prefer the wheel on the BC stuff but for the Hovarter stuff I think the classic style is a win, either style would be. However, with that said I think the classic hardware for BC looks great and the drawer fronts will match it better than the wheel in my honest opinion.
That didn't take long.
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The Classic matches up well with Duck's holdfasts.

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The Glide C is boxed up and waiting for someone to buy it.


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The vise is sold
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