Quickwood - Sanding Sponge (Rating: 5)

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While I was on the roll for sanding blocks,
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I thought I'd do a quick review of these Sponge Sanding Pads.
I blundered across them when I was looking for sanding media for my flap sander.

I read the splurge on their WEB site and being gullible believed all the hype and ordered the Mixed Grit Box (25 of each grit)… When it arrived and tried, I was not disappointed… in fact I was so impressed, I gave some friends samples and took up orders to do a bulk buy of each grit (with the exception of 100).
I have been totally impressed by the sponges and use them extensively for contoured work or where a rigid ROS (or belt sander) was not the most appropriate. The pads lived up to the hype of outlasting other pads. Not that I did a side by side comparison, however, by continual use, my perception was they outlasted the more rigid sponge pads I previously used and purchase from Bunnings. If fact I gave away all my Bunnings bought pads to my not so favourite friends and only kept this one,
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as it was a 320 grit which I didn't have.

The pads are soft enough to get into figurative contours of timber without significantly breaking up sharp lines like solid pads/blocks… unless of course adder force and repetition is applied.
Gallery photo #2, demonstrates how they can get into tight spots, much like flat sheets, while picture #3 gives the indication of how flexible they are by being held down, doubled over, by a lightweight scraper.

One of the down sides to these pads is that there is no identification markings on them and as they look so similar, touch grading can quickly remove fingerprints to the chagrin of my local constabulary. A quick texta marking on the side perimeter readily identifies the grit(s).
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Unfortunately all my "friends" were willing to take the free samples and collude with me to bulk buy for a group, but when it came to "settle accounts" I now have 3 near full box of Sponge sanding pads,
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that will last me two lifetimes.
Fortunately these "compatriots" were merely acquaintances and no long standing friendships were severed.

With the camera still running in the workshop, this little impromptu was captured for you to further evaluate my sanity (or lack there of).