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So, Here's my Question...

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Simple question… Is $3.99/BF for Mahogany a fair price? Here in NW Florida I have a VERY limited availability of wood veriety except for what the Big Box Stores have. But I have found a lumber yard that has a limited supply of hardwoods. I don't know specifics about this piece. Just that they say it's Mahogany and it looks like it.
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Here's some online price lists for woods in NH. It's where i get a lot of my stuff and is pretty much the best around these parts. I live close by but in Maine. I think some of these woods are much less in some parts of the country.

Standard woods

Exotics lik Mahogany
In Central Alabama it would be a phenomenal price.
I've paid more than that for bad walnut.
That seems like a pretty good deal to me, for decent stuff I can expect to pay about 50% more than that.
One question is "what kind of Mahogany?" There are lots of woods passed off as either true Mahogany or used as substitutes. $3.99 might be a decent price for some and an excellent price for others.
At four dukkets a board foot, you are not getting true Honduran Mahogany. You might be getting African Mahogany. Still a very nice price. You might want to check moisture content. Incidentally, I'm in FL too Randy. You could fairly pay 8.99 per B/F or more for that wood. (Assuming it is a bona fide Mahogany substitute like African Mahogany or Sapele)
$4 a board foot definitely ain't bad.
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