Laguna Tools - 14bx 220 (Rating: 5)

I will have to come back after I get some time using this band saw so please consider this as a first impression review. I took receipt of the saw this afternoon so I have only performed the un-boxing/assembly and did a few test cuts in maple. The packaging was top notch on-par with the packaging used by SawStop. Assembly was quick and easy with help from my 10 year old daughter, all said and done took maybe 2 hours to assemble with her help and us taking our time so I could explain things to her.
Fit and finish I have to give it an A+ all around, installed a 1/4" blade and made a few rips through 3/4" maple and a few free hand cuts just to play around, no vibration, no unwanted/weird noises. I did not find the guide blocks hard to adjust at all, I don't have experience with other systems but only took a few min following simple instructions to get them adjusted and be on our way. So far I am a happy camper….