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So exactly how do you use Lumberjocks?

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I am posted this here because, honestly, I am not sure where else to post this. I have received quite a few emails saying "welcome" and "its addicting". But I am still a little confused as to how to get the most out of LJ.

I see the projects and yes, I could (and already have) spend hours looking over the truly amazing projects that people have created. Seriously I don't have the skills to even walk behind you guys. But I did utilize a couple of projects to design our kitchen table. (wish me luck on that btw)

Blogs - I am still a little fuzzy about blogs anyway, so what do they do here? Can anyone write to them? Is there a theme (besides woodworking…).

Reviews - Great idea. Have the person who has truly invested the money in buying the product write a review. Brilliant. Love them. So far I have been really impressed. These reviews have been on par or better than some national magazines.

Videos - ok this one I really don't get. I thought I read a post in a forum where some people were using these videos as a training or learning center. I watch MBW and TWW, but can I use these as well? Who are these people. LJ's? (I was going to say LJ's like me, but let's hope that they aren't like me…)

So any guidance you can provide would be great. Basically I am looking to get the most out of LJ as I would LOVE to improve my skill and it is clearly apparent that the people here are at a level that I aspire to.
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LJ is yours! You can use every tool, blog, forum, video, review, projects and there is the coffee lounge for the rather off subjects and to just chat. There is the PM email mail so you can send an email to any LJ without all reading it.There are a few simple rules but they are common sense ones and mostly that this site is a family site. Many LJ's are beginners such as myself and there are the LJ's that are reknown for their work and artistry and most fall somewhere in between. If you have a question don't hesitate to ask it in a forum. If you want to show a progession of what you are doing then perhaps an on going blog. It's rather eciting to look at a project that someone else has done and something that they have done helps you with your project or knowledge base. Everyday I learn from this site. Sometimes its just a tid bit of which direction to sand or what to use to seal an end grain of pine and other days the imformation here instills ideas that I would never have thought I could do but now know I have a chance and that there are other LJ's that will help if I get into need. I return what I have learned by posting the projects that I do and tell how I did them so others will have the knowledge that I have gained. There's more information and help here than anywhere that I have found…
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CompleteRookie, First ….welcome to LumberJocks !!!! Second do not ever worry about "I don't have the skills to even walk behind you guys" We have members of ALL skill levels from people just starting to learn to members who's pieces should be in a museum.

Blogs..Anyone can start a blog, and anyone can add a post to another's blog….99.9% of the blogs are wood related, basically members just putting their thoughts down for others to share and read. Maybe the member is starting up a new shop or business, or doing a step by step update over a project from beginning to end (Many members do this)

Reviews got nailed already

Videos…Basicly it is just Members showing their skills, shops a project etc etc. Yes they are all members and many are just what you said….a way to teach us, and yes you can use them or add one of your own.

Again, welcome to Lumberjocks, and we look forward to reading your post/topics and seeing your projects. It will not take long at all to get the "Feel" of L/J's and all of it's features. Any questions at all, please feel free to ask away or pm a member, almost every member here will be glad to help.
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Welcome to LumberJocks!!

Believe me, everyone here is friendly, helpful and would never want you to think they are better than you.

Here are 3 links to help you with the technical stuff

And this is a link to a welcome video done by one of the members- Todd
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Like the others may I wish you a hearty welcome please ask me if I can help you in any way.regards Alistair
if you really want to use lumberjocks to the max, put 2 tablespoons of ground coffee, luke warm water, and sprinkle some exotic sawdust on top!

blogs are basically personal logs that usually used to describe progression through a project, or other personal stories one would like to share. the more details - the more helpful it is for others, and for one self as a reference to go back to when needed.

I find that the more you get involved in woodworking the more likely it is for LJ to become addictive as you'll have more questions, and more answers to give to others… take your time, and enjoy woodworking. LJ is always here.

and Welcome aboard!
Welcome--You have also found the Forums, obviously. It's a great place to get your questions answered, or just learn from the questions of others. Many of us with experience read those just to see if we can help.

By the way, do you realize that at some point we were all "Complete Rookies" At least I think I was. I can't remember that far back. That just means we have already made tons of mistakes, and hopefully learned from them which may help you.

Jump in head first and have fun.
and just another thought… blogs/projects/videos aren't always about "how to do it right". They can be stories about difficulties or just "one way of doing things" and they can be a jumping off point for great discussions and tips.

If you feel like sharing, asking, or teaching - then post it.
My blogs/projects are, for me, a snapshot of my journey into the woodworking world; It's a record of what to do and not to do (things I have learned along the way); and it is an inspiration to me to keep trying.
Welcome to the board. Like all the others said, there is more info available here than I could read in a month. Great group of people who are always willing to help. I feel guilty for lurking more and posting less, but I consider myself a rookie too. The one thing I would like is a local group to get together with. a wood woring club kind of thing. I am to old to take shop class and have to try and find great sites like this to get info, but nothing , for me, beats hands on and instruction from those who know.
There are many angles ;) that you can come at this from of course. I use the blog feature to show project project progress/blunders/and project related questions. Forums to ask questions, and of course the reviews are awesome and help with purchasing decisions. I love to look at LJ's shop projects and follow along with my buddies (another feature here) posts….

Welcome to LJ's, sit down pull up a chair and enjoy.
For me, I just love talking about my interests with others, and haven't found anyone in the real world who really shares my passion. There are now 11,000+ members here, so when I write a long post about some logs I found, or something I'm trying to turn, or some screw-up I had in my shop, I have people who understand, and who will actually reply. My blog is a great venting ground for me.

When I have some spare time, I like to run through the Pulse area to see what's been recently posted. I'll never see it all - I'm just too busy with my real job and all this tree and woodworking stuff - but I dig in where I can, and stop in to see what beautiful projects others are making, or as with tonight, avoiding sleep a bit longer, I ran through the forums, and found this message, and decided to share my experience with you. It sounds like you feel you should be feeling something more, or should be finding something in particular, but in my opinion, it's all up to you to create whatever world you want in here. With so many members, you're quite likely to find a few who share your interests and skill level, with whom you can learn together (always fun to share new knowledge and experiences with colleagues at a similar level), and plenty of pros to fill in on things you might not know. My only recommendation is to get out of the site and its members what you feel you need, and most of all, have fun!
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Welcome to LJ's. All the others nailed it. I found the site by accident a few months ago. I was reluctant to join but just HAD to ask a question. Now I'm hooked. What I can't believe is how fast the site is growing. Kent said it best, jump in and have fun.
Let me be the first to welcome you to LumberJocks… LOL…If you enjoy woodworking then you'll be hard press to find a more welcoming woodworking site on the planet. Everyone here has a few thing in common and that to share, enjoy the craft of woodworking period. It for all skill levels so welcome aboard and enjoy. Ask questions or share your experience this is the jest of the site…again welcome Blkcherry
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