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No. Only a sliding saw could work if specific conditions
were met. Probably the smaller class of slider would
be best because you'd need a blade that was

a) ground to a thin rim for fret slotting
b) the correct diameter.

LMI sells a fret slotting blade but if memory serves it's
about 6" diameter. Most miter saws are designed
to take one blade diameter. They aren't like table
or radial arm saws that can take a lot of blade sizes.

If you're set on slotting fingerboards with a power
tool, consider looking for a Hammond glider or similar
linotype saw/trimmer.

In any case, if you want precision and repeatability
you'll need a templating system of some type. The
one I use entails double-stick taping a fingerboard
to a lexan template from LMI. I slot the boards by
hand using a back saw and a jig I made. It takes
about 15 minutes I think to do one. Not production
but certainly it can be stowed away and in relation
to the time one guitar takes to complete, no
big deal.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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