Vaughan - Bear Saw--Pull-stroke Handsaw (Rating: 5)

I don't know where I saw this saw recommended to me, but I bought it a few years ago and it never fails to make me smile. I use it for fine-detail work, I use it for rough-cutting 2×4s, I use it for cutting off shims in handy-man jobs-everything. I keep the teeth protected with the flimsy plastic tooth-sheath, and it just keeps on cutting.

Narrow kerf, fast fast cut, cuts on the pull-stroke-handle is comfortable-and it's cheap. $18 at Home Depot? Is that possible? It's one of those things I'll probably buy another one of just to have on reserve-these kinds of great things never seem to stay around long enough to be replaced when you need them.

I have a japanese saw, a Lie-Nielsen rip saw and some other odds-and-ends, but this saw is the one I reach for every time. Should I give a mass-produced, hard-wearing, plastic-molded-handled saw five stars? I think it's worth it in the "value" category, for sure.