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Description and explanation

I have made a number of woodworking Sketchup Textures. Just private message me and I will email you the file. I used to keep a link to a server, but that server is no longer active. I will need your email address, obviously.

The textures I could find were not very realistic, or had limited usability, so I made my own. These are seamlessly tiling textures, so dramatic large grain patterns are avoided. I prefer the type of textures I have made over some that I have seen on the internet, or that can be made using specific programs designed for woodworking textures.

1) Unzip it into your materials folder, it should leave a folder under materials named Woodworking.

2) The textures include vertical and horizontal textures if the material has an orientation, so that you don't have to reposition them just for those changes.

3) There are also Finished wood textures, they start with 'Fin'. There are plywood edge textures that you will probably have to position. The textures without the prefix of 'Fin' are supposed to be raw wood.

And as usual, I accept all suggestions and criticism, so wail away. Also if you would like a particular texture just for your particular need, let me know, and I will create it as time allows. Since I am now retired, I have a lot of allowable time…(-: It is usually not a difficult task for me, since I have done a lot of this in another hobby.
I agree, thanks.
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