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Size of plywood needed?

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I have two cabinet fronts that I want to finish into a storage unit for our kitchen. The slots on the back of the frame measure 14mm. or 0.551 in. or 35/64 in. I don't find any plywood at Lowe's that fits that dimension. Do I need to find a cabinet shop to get this odd size? Your help and/or suggestions are appreciated.
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You could cut a rabbit along the front edge of some 3/4 inch plywood that would fit the groove. Test fit then cut the other pieces to fit. Cut additional dados for the bottom and top or use cleats and glue or pocket screws…whatever you decide.

Good luck.
I'd go with MT's suggestion and use oversized ply and then cut it down to fit with a rabbit that's the correct size to fit the slot. Good thinking MT_Stringer.
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