Harbor Freight - Multipurpose Scissors (Rating: 1)

Harbor Freight item 60274, 47877 is one of the many freebies I stock up on. I wouldn't call it a multi-purpose tool. My family has one purpose for them: to cut paper, and usually coupon trimming. Call it a self-fulfilling prophecy, but I seem to only cut HF coupons with these scissors, sometimes for more scissor freebies. My wife uses them to trim coupons when we are on a long drive.

The complaints I have for this too are:
  • They may be relatively sharp at first but dull very quickly
  • The holes for fingers feel very small and uncomfortable. I find that I can't use them for extended purposes.

Like the freebie screwdrivers, I chalk this freebie up as a convenience item to keep around.