Rob Cosman - - Marking Gauge (Rating: 5)

I stopped by WoodCraft this morning to see what they had in stock for marking gauges. They had the Veritas dual marking gauge and the Cosman. Both were very well made and sold for the same price. I would have been happy with either one. I decided on the Cosman because the head/face has a nice flat area to prevent the tool from rolling off the bench. I got it home and marked about 10-12 lines along some red oak. I started at the 1/2" range all the way out to 5" in 1/2" increments. It marked as well with the grain as it did going across. The face is large enough to provide plenty of stability. You can use it one handed with it extended to about 3". There is not much else to say about it other than excellent workmanship and materials used in making it. This tool will outlast me for sure.