DeWalt - DWS5026 TrackSaw Track Clamps (Rating: 4)

Ordered these clamps from Woodcraft to go with my DeWalt TrackSaw for $44.99. Purchased these at a 10% discount in December. Watch for their "10% off all DeWalt" sales to order items like this, as they do not normally go on sale. It was shipped direct from the manufacturer. I have used these with both the TrackSaw and Router adapter.

These slide into the bottom of the track and quickly can be engaged or released with one hand. (very similar mechanism to the Quick-Grip clamps from Irwin) They have a 6.25" capacity.

One of the clamps slips some when torquing it down, though, it is not a big deal, as this is not being utilized heavy clamping. The cost is little steep, considering that four similar sized clamps from Irwin can be obtained for $20. If I were a welder, I could convert the Irwin clamps to these for a much lower cost.

The two items above prevent me from giving these 5 stars.