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Simpel fix for my drill press wobble/runout

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I have for a long time struggled with runout/wobble on my Rexon RDM 100A bench drill.
It's a fairly solid drill manufactured in 1995 that I belive have had it's share of abuse before I got it quite som years ago.

For a long time I habe struggle with wobble. It also does not run smooth/silent. And I notice that here are som slack in the column when i move it forward and back.

When drilling hole for tapping threads I use a very large and longe drill. I think the sharp tip of that drill span around in mabey a 2mm cirkle. Bit when I first started to drill it went OK.

When looking i to what to do, more especially - how to change the bearings I found this video:

It shows how to take apart a drill press.

Today I started looking into it, and one of the thing I tried to do was to identify the source of the noice.
Not to sure if I did it, but as I did I noticed that the two belts driving the drill had different tension.
After removing them I started to fiddle with the center pully, the one shown in the middle this picture (from the video)

I found that the center pully did not move freely.
I removed it, cleaned it an mounted it all back together.

And as magic, there is the noice gone, and there is no visible runout on the drill.
So, it seems that the main reson for my drill pressing having wobble was that the cemter pully did not run as freely at it should.
There might still be some issues with the bearings as it warned out, but for now it is much better than what it was!
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