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Sign maker

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I was at Manards today and was looking at routers and I saw this thing for routers that makes the letters and designs in the wood. I just wondered if any of you guys used one and if you have how did it work. It is called router pantograph. Here is a picture of it.

Rectangle Font Gas Bumper Tints and shades

Hood Automotive exterior Motor vehicle Automotive design Goggles

What are your guys opionins on it?


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This the one?

Milescraft 1298 3D-Pantograph Router Stencil Tracing Jig

It has pretty good reviews on Amazon
Yup started making signs with the Sears model of this. Worked pretty good but I soon graduated to just doing hand held routed signs. At one time I was making pretty good money making carved wood signs.
Thanks copcarcollector and yes it is the one. And mtenterprises thanks for your opionin. I think I will buy one and see how it works.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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