Chestnut Tools - Batoning Chisel (Rating: 5)

I've never been much for batoning.
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All that hewing and froeing, to what end?
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Odd shaped chunks of wood for rustic furniture or homemade shingles?
Turning blanks? Exotic construction?
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Not my bag;

I'd rather split infinitives.

What I do like is having specialty tools that go where others can't and then do the impossible. Like these very tiny planes.
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They are are a set of two (L&R handed) side cutting chisels available from Lee Valley under the Chestnut Tool brand. This company seems to be a wholly owned subsidiary of LV and not available elsewhere. That's ok, because the price at the quality level of the brand is quite reasonable (I own 4 of their products).

I bought these chisels to use in my work and most importantly for installations, where you never know what problems you're going to encounter and what you need to do now, with your shop resources many miles away and the clock ticking.

But back home in the shop they have been handy too:

Trimming and fitting a deep notch on a commercial table base.
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Finishing a half lap joint for myself
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The steel seems to be more than ok and the handles feel good in the hand with that classic shape and the steel running right through (& finished quite nicely too). The African hardwood looks good (so important) and a tough strap-able nylon case comes with each one.

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Put em on your belt like a pair of six shooters
Eliminate pesky problems with extreme prejudice.