Shopsmith - Joint Matic - Horizonal Router (Rating: 5)

First I must say that the photos are not mine. I surfed the net and found them.

This review is for a discontinued tool. Can't buy it new anymore, but if you find one, grab it. It is a rare tool.

Shopsmith originally sold for $999. There is currently one for sale on in Dallas for $600

I bought mine on eBay a few years ago. It came with a Porter Cable router base that fits my 690.
Even came with the optional Shopsmith stand.
I got one heck of a bargain. Paid twice as much for the shipping as I did for the tool and still spent less then $100.

It is a handy tool. Does a good job for cutting mortices and have used it for a variety of other configurations and special cuts.

Below is an excerpt from a web description.

Shopsmith Joint Matic - Horizonal Router

This tool was originally sold by the Strong Company and after Shopsmith purchased the rights to make it they took it into their R&D department and added dust collection and removed one lead-screw and the synchronizing bicycle chain. After a few years this tool was retired. There is one important thing that you need to keep an eye out for if you are shopping for the Shopsmith version of this tool. You'll want to make sure that the plastic platen that moves the router up and down isn't cracked where the knob that adjusts the backlash out of the lead-thread, threads into the platen. If you are buying one online ask the seller to tighten the knob gently and snap a photo of this detail from above. It it's cracked, take a pass.

Mine works fine and the dust collection is the best I ever seen for a router.