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Now it looks like a lumber rack

Well, I've got some bad news for the 3-4 people reading my blog. This is going to be the last post for a while. I was hoping to finish everything during my vacation, but it won't be done in time and I've got a few other things I need to do over the next few weeks.

The good news is that I'm just about done. The last few steps will be kind of time consuming with minimal results, so I don't think anyone will be dying to see the next few posts. I will blog them when I do them though, I just don't know when it will be. I'd really like to get a parking space back for my wife and that requires some serious cleanup. Here are the pictures for today though. Sorry again to those who have been keeping up. Before I get into the build, heere is a sneak peak at the results.





That's just pressure treated junk. i don't want it with the good stuff, so it doesn't count.



I know, the last photos are the same in the before and after. I told you I didn't finish! So, you thought you'd get a sneak preview of the project? nope. keep reading for those pictures.

I didn't get a shot of me ripping the shelves to length, but basically they are 12, 14, and 16 inches wide by 7 ft long. It was the last piece of large plywood I had left. once they were ripped, the trick was to get them into place. I was basically leaning the two sides against one another, then prying them apart to try and slide shelves in between. At one point, I had all the shelves resting on the cleats, but the assembly wouldn't stay balanced and upright. I was stuck…. Literally….

Thankfully, after me standing there holding them for about 15 minutes my wife came down to ask me something and I jumped at the chance for a hand. She kept it balanced while I clamped everything up. Then I just snapped some chalk lines where the shelves would be and started predrilling holes every 8 inches. I applied some glue and also used 2.25 inch coarse thread screws to pull everything tight. Here is a shot of me about to screw in the last shelf. It was in so tight after attaching the top two shelves that I didn't bother to glue it. I hope I don't' regret it.

You can see the screws sticking out. I gotta say, this is one more time where my corded dewalt drill really came through for me. I have abused that thing so badly over the years, and it still runs like a champ. normally, it is one of my most under appreciated tools, but projects like this remind me what a solid piece of machinery it is.

Once all the screws were in place it was time to start loading it up. First, here is a shot to give you an idea of how much storage is in here.

Time to start loading up the plywood. I think that will be a good test since it will put a lot of weight on the assembly without stressing the shelves. here is a shot of the plywood in place (and some scraps of pegboard and drywall).

I'd estimate there are about 500 sq feet of sheet goods on there. Probably 200 of 3/4", 50 of 1/2" and the rest 1/4". I think that works out to about 250 board feet of wood right there. So far so good. It isn't making any noises or flexing and I can still easily move it with one hand.

I guess its time to start adding lumber. Now or never right? I'll admit I was nervous. Here are hose shots.

As you can see in the last photo, there is nothing on the one side of the project. I've still got the material to cut dividers and the pegboard you saw earlier will be used as a wall to hold it all in. I'm hoping it allows me to hang a few small clamps from it, but I don't know if that is a great storage location. they may get knocked off too easily.

Another change I plan to make is that I don't plan on having the cutoff bins go all the way across. I think they will sit in the middle and I'll have clamp storage on the flanks. maybe it will be vise versa. Any suggestions? Thanks to everyone for sticking with me this far. I will do more, I just work rather slowly.

PS - When I loaded all the lumber, I must have hit a tipping point. It suddenly became MUCH harder to move. I can still move it with one hand, but guiding it requires both and some effort. I am going to try and use up some of this material I've got before buying any more for a while. That is the plan at least. This thing probably weighs about 800 lbs right now. If that's accurate (just based on board foot calculations and my 35 lbs per 1/2 thick sheetgoods assumption) I could probably go to 1,000 lbs without problems. I'd like to get more wight moved to the bottom but I have a few more screws to drive down there.
i saw this same storage thing in a magazine recently and thought it would be a cool way to store lumber.

as for your problem of it being hard to move, what are your casters rated for? they may just be to small for that amount of weight
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