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Shop Fox W2005 question

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I just received a Grizzly 1023RLW with the Shop Fox W2005 fence system, Got it installed with no trouble, but it doesn't slide as easily as the old Bessy I had on my Delta contractor saw. I noticed that the Shop Fox instructions say to mount the front rail tube so that the machined edge is facing the saw table. Later, when discussing the lock handle, it says the handle locks against the machined edge. This isn't true since the machined edge is facing in, on the opposite side from the lever pad. I believe the fence sliding is hindered slightly by the pads riding on the rougher machined edge instead of the painted side, and was wondering which orientation is best.

Grizzly site pics show the machined edge on the inside, but many other fences (Saw Stop, Powermatic, South Bend, etc) show the machined side facing out. Facing in doesn't affect the locking, but would it allow the fence to slide easier if it was facing out instead?
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How many bare metal, or machined strips are on the Shopfox fence?

On the Beisemeyer fence design;
There is bare metal strip (machined edge?) where the fence clamps in the center front of main rail. If this area has paint, the fence doesn't lock as well; and paint becomes damaged over time.
There is also a bare un-painted strip on top of the rail, where the rip fence vertical angle adjustment screws/pads slid and rest. The measuring tape is located on the same top edge of same surface.
Forget if there is another bare surface where the rail clamp pads sit?
All I have in shop right now is Unifence, so I can't go look.

Search for 'unisaw biesemeyer' images if you want examples.
The Shop Fox only has one bare metal strip on the side. Having it on the back side just seems backwards to me. Seems more logical that the pads would slide on the painted surface and the lock lever would lock on the bare metal.

But it's mounted now and I don't really want to switch it around unless there's good reason.
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