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Shop Fox W1758 Wood Lathe 16" X 43"

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I was looking at the shop fox W1758 wood lathe. And I don't know much about what is good and what is bad. any one owne one and are you happy with its proformance?
Thanks so much.
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i don't know much about lathes ,
but there is a topic right now from webb ,
he said he had this one and and liked this new one better .
look up his blog .
good luck !
Can't speak for that model, I have a the smaller benchtop with the extension bed. As they are produced in the same place, I can give you a general feel for it. Overall, I'm satisfied with it. The belt threading tore within 2 hours of use and wouldn't stay in place afterwards. New belt has had no issues in two months of use. The finish was a little sloppy, but mechanically it does the job. Mine is underpowered for heavy-duty turning I've learned, but I like it for the purposes I got it.

FYI: There is a store called WoodZone in Columbia that carries ShopFox machines. Karl and Colleen (Lumberlady is her LJ name) own it. They discounted a sharpening system when I bought the Lathe. I give serious consideration in calling them as they are very straightforward about the products. I never touched a lathe until a few months ago and they walked me through what I needed. They actually set me up with some less expensive turning tools than the ones I was asking about citing that I wouldn't know the difference with the WorkSharp system I bought. That speaks volumes.
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Thanks Jeff that's good to know. I may have to make a trip up to columbia. It's only about 1 1/2 hours from charleston. I really enjoy turning ,but I have a little habor freight lathe. It's ok for little things. But I would like to graduate to a real lathe. Thanks again for all you help. David
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