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Shop Floor Treatment

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I recently built a new shop in my yard. It is a beefed up 12×24 building. It has 3/4 pressure treated floor. I am looking for a way to clean it up a little bit. I thought about paint but am not sure. Does anyone have any ideas or experience with this? Any input would be helpful.
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Tile? Linoleum?
Here is how Dick Cain handled a portion of his shop floor. I don't think that hardwood tiles would work for a lot of us but it sure makes a pretty floor.

Obviously paint would be the cheapest alternative. I put an epoxy paint on my shop floor but it is concrete and this type of paint is designed for concrete. But certainly, as Tom suggested, vinyl would be a relatively inexpensive alternative. I would be hesitant to roll tools around on it though after dealing with moving a refrigerator around in the kitchen.
I have a lofted 12'x16' that I use for a shop. Probably more in theory then in real practice, but I just put down some gray paint I got from Lowe's for $5.00 a gallon from their mis-tint section. Grey is lighter color and reflects a little light making it a tad brighter.
I have thought of both tile and linoleum. Both would make it tough to roll tools around. Linoleum tears too easy and is too soft. Tile would probably crack if I drop a wrench or something on it and put some echo into the shop. What about going over the floor with 1/4" hardboard and painting that with some sand added into the paint?
Is the floor currently plywood? I think I would go over it with pine tonge and groove boards and then stain it.
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