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Shop Cabinet build

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Start of a plan, and a mess

Things are getting messy, dis-organized, and just needs something better,,,
Motor vehicle Gas Machine Engineering Auto part

This entire area needs a "facelift" from the left side's messy pile..
Motor vehicle Helmet Automotive tire Wood Tool

All the way to the right..
Saw Gas Tool Machine Toolroom

Lines show the limits I can go to. IF a door would swing open on a new cabinet…it has to clear the plane til.
Wood Engineering Gas Machine Auto part

This side, nears to clear the drill press handles….

I can go until the ceiling joists, about 48" above the benchtop. And 36" in width….maybe. Depth?
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IF I clean off the "back porch", I'd have up to 4' deep….way too much for my arms…
I could slide the drill press to the left a bit…IF need be..
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bumper Gas Automotive exterior

4" at the most..meh.

Plan is, the next time Menard's has a sale on 1×12 x 4' planks, I'm buying a stack of the best on the pallet….4 planks for the top, bottom and 2 sides. The rest will be for shelves, and any drawers. Doors will get a 2-4" deep frame around a panel. Panel will be used to hang a few tools on. Back of the cabinet will be T&G planks, so I can hang racks, hooks, shelves and such….May just buy a plank of Car Siding? Or, just make my own.

Some of the tools will get sorted through….keeping the better for use, rest over in a drawer…
Tool Wood Hand tool Set tool Metalworking hand tool

Need to sort through this drawer. Other piles need cleaned up..
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Maybe find a better place for the cases? And NOT sitting with the laundry soap…
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So..about the first week of April….I'll get the lumber….and then we'll see how this goes…..
Stay tuned….


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Thinning the herd

And a few rehabs along the way…Thinned down the Yankees..
Metal Auto part Magenta Cylinder Titanium

Rest are in storage, for now…
Wood Automotive exterior Rectangle Gas Bumper

Keeping a full set…along with 3 combo squares…
Plumbing fixture Wood Tool Gas Machine

Along with just 8 braces.

Road Trip today, just had to get out of the house for a bit…..went to Menard's….and bought a bit of Pine Lumber
Wood Hardwood Wood stain Font Metal

Might not be enough..but 10pc @ 1×10 x 4'.....should be a start. There are a few 1×4s under that stack..
Wood Textile Plant Tints and shades Twig

Couple of 3 footers, and a couple of 4 footers…

Intend to tear the old drill til apart tomorrow…and save the parts. Goal is to build the "back" of the cabinet nice and deep…then add the doors …which will be about 3" deep. Back of the cabinet is to be solid wood, got a bunch of things to hang on it.

Debate is whether to make one solid 36" wide panel….or , do a Tongue & Groove panel…may just glue the panel up. Then size the width of the cabinet to that,,,

Stay tuned…
Busy busy busy.


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