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Shop Cabinet build

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Start of a plan, and a mess

Things are getting messy, dis-organized, and just needs something better,,,
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This entire area needs a "facelift" from the left side's messy pile..
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All the way to the right..
Saw Gas Tool Machine Toolroom

Lines show the limits I can go to. IF a door would swing open on a new cabinet…it has to clear the plane til.
Wood Engineering Gas Machine Auto part

This side, nears to clear the drill press handles….

I can go until the ceiling joists, about 48" above the benchtop. And 36" in width….maybe. Depth?
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IF I clean off the "back porch", I'd have up to 4' deep….way too much for my arms…
I could slide the drill press to the left a bit…IF need be..
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4" at the most..meh.

Plan is, the next time Menard's has a sale on 1×12 x 4' planks, I'm buying a stack of the best on the pallet….4 planks for the top, bottom and 2 sides. The rest will be for shelves, and any drawers. Doors will get a 2-4" deep frame around a panel. Panel will be used to hang a few tools on. Back of the cabinet will be T&G planks, so I can hang racks, hooks, shelves and such….May just buy a plank of Car Siding? Or, just make my own.

Some of the tools will get sorted through….keeping the better for use, rest over in a drawer…
Tool Wood Hand tool Set tool Metalworking hand tool

Need to sort through this drawer. Other piles need cleaned up..
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Maybe find a better place for the cases? And NOT sitting with the laundry soap…
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So..about the first week of April….I'll get the lumber….and then we'll see how this goes…..
Stay tuned….


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Clamps came off, build-a-door #2, and other stuff

All clamps came off. 1×4s hauled to the shop…supplies laid out, even found a full box of 2" long, coarse thread screws….
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So, laid the 1×4 x 6' down on the mitre box…find the center…should leave 2 pieces at 36" long…in theory
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I can't hold the saw in a "death grip"...makes sawing go better…also use the entire length…not just more teeth, it keeps the wear on just the middle section of the saw to a minimum . Then glue and clamp time..
Wood Saw Gas Roof Engineering

I kept 3 drills set up, counting the one to drive the screws, one to drill a pilot hole, and..
Saw Tool Wood Hunting knife Gas

A Vintage drill, with a 3/8" forstner bit to do 3/8" deep counter bores..saves resetting one drill between three bits.
Wood Sleeve Textile Grey Rectangle

About 6-7 screws should do…flip this over, and repeat for the other stile…
Wood Floor Gas Flooring Hardwood

keeping things steady, while I'm working, was a bit of a challenge….then measured how long to make the top and bottom rails…16-7/8" long…came from a bowed 1×4 x 4'...the worst of the bow was in the middle….scrapped that spot. Then glue and clamps, pull things together and flat,,,do the corners first, leave the clamps in place..
Wood Hardwood Plank Gas Lumber

Corners done…lay the door flat on the bench, 6 screws added. rotate, do the other end the same way…
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laid a couple long scraps across the bench. Then start cleaning things up….plane, beltsander ROS….ends were done with the door standing on the floor..
Wood Hardwood Composite material Gas Plywood

One dry fit, to see which way looked best….then marked one end as the top…
Wood Gesture Rectangle Eyewear Wood stain

"T" for Top. Which meant the while one stile could simply be planed flat..
Wood Saw Plane Tool Hardwood

The stile that will sit against the other door needed a bevel made….doesn't take much..
Textile Rectangle Wood Gas Font

Maybe 5 degrees…beltsander COULD do this, but 36" of stile needed something a wee bit longer..
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Stanley No.7c, Type 9…..then clean up with the sander.
Placed a scrap 1×4 over where this door will go, and got a clamp ready…time for the dry fit..
Motor vehicle Wood Automotive tire Automotive exterior Automotive design

You can see the scrap it is sitting on, too…seemed to fit. next Payday I'll buy some piano hinges to install both doors…i even picked out the handle to use..
Door Handle Wood Household hardware Fixture

Ok, door is as done as I can get it, for now….the rack for the chisels needed cleaned up…
Wood Gas Composite material Metal Machine

Planes worked nicely….ends were squared up on the mitre box…
Wall Building material Composite material Concrete Brick

Shallow counterbores and pilot holes were drilled..
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A Stanley No. 60-1/2 was used to add a bevel to all the sharp edges..
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Ends and all…set the rack into the vise, and checked how the chisels will set..
Motor vehicle Wood Tool Gas Automotive tire

This is actually from the back of the rack. May use a counter-sink bit, and give each slot a bevel, for the chisels to sit a bit better…

Legs were getting a bit crampy…3 hours of shoptime….swept the floor, and closed up shop, for the day.

Stay tuned….may do a bit of work on some hangers for handsaws….until I can get the doors hinged.
does anyone have experience with cabinet design software programs. i am looking at sketch up and would like to check out a few other systems



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