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Shellac over Watco Danish Oil

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The topic of walnut and danish oil and such has been touched on a bunch in these forums, so I apologize ahead of time for any repetition. However, I was unable to find an answer to my specific questions, so here they are:

1) Will one coat of Danish Oil on Walnut sanded to 220-girt penetrate the surface to the point that superficial scratches will not be obvious (this is for a child's chair)?
2) Will a shellac finish over the Danish Oil cause any problems, such as bleeding from the alcohol solvent in the shellac, and will pushing the 72-hour minimum by a couple of hours (say 5 or 6) run this risk of ruining the finish (I turned my shop into a wind tunnel to try and speed the process/ humidity in the area should be around 40-50% for the next couple days)?

I'm a bit under the gun, as the chair is for my first nephew who I will be flying to see on Friday morning. I applied the Danish Oil Monday night, and would like to do a couple coats of shellac Thurs. afternoon/evening. I will be packaging the chair to be checked luggage (any thoughts on this as well?) on Friday. Any and all comments are appreciated.

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Thanks for the link, there is some good info there.

My thoughts on the shellac, though, were twofold. It would dry faster than poly, my only other choice right now, and it's 100% child-friendly, even if he peeled off chips and ate them. I was not planning on building too much of a finish, would the shellac really be a much softer finish than the poly?
"Shlak it and pack it" - well put KB1, this is indeed what needs to be done
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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